How to write a funeral announcement and what to include? With checklist.

A step by step guide to what is included in a funeral announcement.


  1. Name of the deceased.
  2. Surviving family (e.g. spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren or others you deem important).
  3. Where the deceased worked (optional).
  4. Funeral date, time and place.
  5. Name of the Clergy or Officiant for the funeral.
  6. Memorial or floral contribution reference.
  7. Photo of the deceased.
  8. Private or public funeral status (to inform everyone whether you plan to have a private, family-only funeral or if it will be open to the public).

Alternatively, to writing a funeral announcement, you can use, for only £19.99. A Funeral Notice makes it easy for you to share funeral day details amongst family and friends by an elegant SMS text message. This means the details can be sent instantly, direct to the people you choose. Whereas, with a traditional funeral announcement, there is no guarantee that all well-wishers will be accurately informed.

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